Avaland NFT project includes Sacred Trees NFT collection with the goal of protecting and preserving the real, living ancient trees from risk of illegal logging and deforestation. We are identifying century old trees, which are believed to be homes to real enchanted beings, and represent each of them with an NFT. Avaland NFT also includes Farmlands NFT, a collection of virtual plots of land which are digital representations of actual farm lots with a variety of fruit-bearing trees in Avalon Ecofarm. 
In buying our NFTs, not only you are helping protect our forests, but you are also advocating for a greener earth!

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The Story Behind

Here's an overview about how Avalon Ecofarm came to be and what our goals and objectives are.

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an exclusive community project

During the pandemic of 2020, we came up with an idea of an exclusive, self-sustaining community farming project called Avalon Ecofarm. We wanted to develop a farmland and the profits that we generate from the produce will be used to provide livelihood programs to the poor indigenous people called the native Dumagat who reside in the same municipality where Avalon is located. 
Avalon consists of a few hectares of land, and we plan to develop it into an income-generating farm, without destroying its natural form, but instead use the existing habitat to plant fruit-bearing trees and vegetables, and to generate organic products. At the same time, we wanted to promote ecotourism in the area for its surrounding natural sceneries and unspoiled waterfalls.

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As part of our advocacy to help the poor indigenous people, we wanted to ask for their help in developing the farm. In return we would provide them a livelihood that would allow them to sustain their daily requirements, send their children to school and hopefully provide for their financial needs.
Since our objective is not entirely to make profit for ourselves, but to provide assistance to the poor natives, we want to implement the most cost-effective method of farming which the natives have mastered since the old times. We would like to implore their skills and basic tools in farming, and at the same time educate them with some of the modern methods to maximize production, without the use of expensive tools and machineries which only cause destruction to nature. 

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Avalon Ecofarm is going to be a green community. We will be completely dependent upon nature, instead of bringing destruction to nature just to sustain the needs of the community. 
Everything we will need for sustenance we will depend on what nature will provide, such as spring water, fruits and vegetables. We will grow our own food from natural sources. We will prohibit the use of toxic and non-biodegradable materials and other pollutants within the entire community. 
At Avalon Ecofarm, we and nature will live as one, and live in a world that is uniquely our own.




Powered by Blockchain, AI + Machine Learning and Geospatial Technologies, Avaland's Blockbeat will help local governments and farmland owners all over the world efficiently and effectively monitor their crops, forests, waterways, and other natural resources and empower them to take immediate actions if the need arises. Blockbeat will potentially aid in environmental conservation, prevent illegal logging, climate change, drying up of rivers and streams, and more.




Sacred Trees NFT is our means to preserve and protect real, living ancient trees, some are a few hundred years old, that are at risk of illegal logging and deforestation. The actual photo of each century old tree was enhanced and remixed using AI, which makes each NFT totally unique and unduplicable but still preserves its closeness to the original image. Every time you buy these NFTs, you are funding our advocacy to protect and preserve the actual living trees.


Sacred Tree NFT 1-001


farmlandS nft

Farmlands NFT is a collection of virtual plots of land which are digital representations of actual 49 sqm (7m x 7m) farm lots with fruit-bearing trees in Avalon Ecofarm. The actual photos of each lot were carefully and meticulously rendered into realistic artworks using artificial intelligence, which look almost exactly as the physical represented lots, making each NFT creatively unique and truly unduplicable. The characteristics of each lot, including the map coordinates, number of plants and trees, are described in the metadata of the corresponding NFT, which we will update over time since the state of the plants and trees on each lot will also change in time.
When an NFT is bought, we will maintain the actual lot on a regular basis, so over time, there will be a lot of changes in the landscape and vegetations which could also change the image of an NFT. This makes our Farmlands NFT dynamic and not just a single, constant image. This also gives the holder the ability to monitor the actual state of the lot represented by the NFT.
Check out our Farmlands NFT collection below with the total amount of FUTUR tokens required to purchase each NFT.


Sample NFT

    full grown Mango (1)FULL Grown Coconut (2)vERY Young COCONUT (1)young Dalandan (2)

    26,250 FUTUR



    GROWN GREEN MANGO (1)grown coconut (1)YOUNG JACKFRUIT (2)

    ADJACENT STREAM (potable)

    10,500 FUTUR



    grown JACKFRUIT (2)YOUNG JACKFRUIT (2)seedling avocado (1)


    8,750 FUTUR

nft for a cause

BUILDING a greener earth

When you purchase our NFT, we will plant a tree or vegetables on your actual lot, such as avocado, jackfruit, mango, coconut, mahogany and more. Therefore, every time you buy our NFT, not only you are saving and cultivating our forest land, but you are also helping mother earth become greener. Some lots have existing fruit trees already, but we can still plant additional trees or vegetables depending on the space left for planting as part of our maintenance process.
During harvest seasons, NFT holders have the option (if it's physically feasible for them) to visit Avalon Ecofarm and have the opportunity to harvest the fruits that are produced in the actual farm lots they digitally own, which are represented by their NFTs. It's also an opportunity for them to unwind, relax and camp overnight, or take a dip in the cool waters of the 13 Falls. But if it's not possible for them to visit their farm lots, they have the option to either earn portion of the profits we generate once we start selling our farm produce, or they can simply donate them to the poor indigenous people in our community.


Sample NFT






Avocado Seedlings


Avocado Seedlings


Avocado Seedlings


Avocado Seedlings


Note that you can only purchase our Farmlands NFT using our native FUTUR Token. You can acquire our tokens at discounted price while our ICO is ongoing by participating in our Affiliate Program. Join now and become an advocate for a greener earth!


You can also support our advocacy to protect and preserve our forests and provide livelihood to the poor indigenous Dumagat people with your small donation in Cardano ADA currency by sending any amount to the address below. Your donation will be used for our expenses whenever we hike and maintain our farmlands.