Our Ancient Tree Code 01 NFT collection are digital representations of the first century old tree found in Avalon Ecofarm. This project is our means to raise funding in order to sustain our expenses in preserving and protecting our ancient trees which are already at risk of illegal logging and deforestation due to mining activities in the mountainous region of Bulacan province in the Philippines. Each actual photograph of the tree was carefully enhanced and remixed using Artificial Intelligence and after several hours of iteration, that's the only time we could actually decide to choose the most perfect image to be minted into an NFT.
Producing these NFTs takes a lot of time, patience and perspiration, just so we could at least campaign to raise awareness of the tree's existence and to hopefully raise funding to protect and maintain them.

Coordinates: 15.0950677, 121.1368626Plus Code: 7Q7334WQ+2Q

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series 01


This series contains images which are closest to the original photo of the ancient tree. They were rendered to depict the tree as a home to the enchanted beings as our tribute and respect to the spirits and all the unseen ones living in this part of the forest.

NFT 01-01-01

Sample NFT

NFT 01-01-02


nft 01-01-03



THE luxuriant tree

This series shows the tree within an enchanting forest with lush greenery and bountiful fruit trees. We want to convey a picture of the tree if we are able to preserve and protect it, and at the same time if we are able to develop and cultivate the surrounding areas.

NFT 01-02-01


NFT 01-02-02

Avocado Seedlings

NFT 01-02-03

Avocado Seedlings



In this series, we want to convey a serious message to our viewers of what could happen to the tree if it is not taken care of and preserved, and if the river dries up due to continuous illegal logging and mining in the area.

NFT 01-03-01


NFT 01-03-02

Avocado Seedlings

NFT 01-03-03

Avocado Seedlings

buy our NFT with ada

You can purchase our Sacred Trees NFT at using Cardano ADA. Every purchase of our NFT we will earn 5% royalty fee which serves as our funding whenever we hike and visit the location of each tree to check on its status.



Before you purchase our NFT, make sure to double check the Policy ID used to mint the asset to make sure you are buying an original.